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Hidden Truth & Secrets ~ Fully Revealed

A story that has played out in my mind as a 'daydream story' for 25+ years (that's right folks, 25+ years!) grew, morphed and evolved, until it finally dawned on me - holy, moly this was a book. After stamping down my nasty self-doubt, I wholeheartedly embraced that thrilling thought. I am beyond excited that the story is now ready to be shared with readers!

"Some say the truth will set you free. In her case, it will kill the ones she loves."

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Some early reader's quotes:

"Cora Janzen gives us a thrill ride of a new novel complete with a mystery-filled plot of covert ops and deception, which will have you turning pages as fast as you can." Cara Lockwood, USA Today bestselling author "I should start by saying that I was a proofreader for Harlequin for a year, so I have read many romances and spy novels and yours is one of the best that I've read. I really enjoyed your character development, not just of the main characters, but also the secondary ones. Also, your description of location was detailed enough to paint a picture without being overly wordy. I also enjoy that the relationship development is building slowly and realistically. I like the James Bond-ness of the whole thing as well. Overall, I think it's a really compelling story with interesting, realistic characters." JD Brown, Beta Reader of Hidden Truth & Secrets "I was smart/lucky enough to receive this book early and I just finished it. I have to say that I am truly impressed with it! I couldn't put it down and absolutely loved the characters and plot. Nice work Cora!!!!" Dena Kasner, ARC Reader of Hidden Truth & Secrets

So blessed to be sharing this journey with readers!

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