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The gripping conclusion to the Hidden series is now available!

Not everyone deserves absolution

Severyn Andrews isn’t certain that she deserves absolution. With the secrets and lies she’s kept, the carnage in her wake, and the betrayal she’s responsible for—as well as the betrayal she’s about to commit—does she deserve absolution?


As the twists and turns of her harrowing mystery continue to unravel, she discovers more is at stake than she could have ever imagined. Sacrifices are going to need to be made.


More lies. More deceit.


In the end, she is willing to make whatever sacrifice is required of her—including giving up the man she loves or even her life. The crossroads have been reached. The path she chooses will lead to either success or failure. She cannot see how any path leads to her redemption. But she’s committed to seeing this through to the end no matter the cost.


   Hidden Absolution (Hidden, #3) is the gripping conclusion to the Hidden Series. If you haven’t read Hidden Truth & Secrets (Hidden, #1), Hidden Carnage (Prequel to the Hidden series; recommended to read after Hidden Truth & Secrets), or Hidden Betrayal (Hidden, #2) please read those prior to Hidden Absolution as these are NOT standalone novels.

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What readers are saying:

"The book is absolutely amazing... Such a rich and well-developed plot."

"The story was amazing, all the characters were as good as I remembered. I can't recommend this series enough ...can't wait for the next series​!"

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