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What if your very existence threatened those you love the most?

Two years ago her biggest concern was what the next chapter of her life entailed. The death of her childhood friend triggered a cascade of events that resulted in everyone believing her to be dead.


New name. New appearance. New life. That’s Severyn Andrews. She’s morphed from a timid, vulnerable young woman into a trained covert operative. And her mission is to hunt for her would-be murderers and remove the threat from her family’s lives.


To have the best chance to complete - and survive - her mission, she must decide if she can trust Team Alpha who has been assigned to assist her. Can she keep her truth and secrets hidden while building their trust?


Will she be able to find her unknown enemy? Will she be able to keep her family safe? Will she be able to complete her mission or will she die trying?


She has more questions than answers however there’s one thing she knows with certainty:

    Some say the truth will set you free; in her case, it will kill those she loves.

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What readers are saying:

"Hidden Betrayal is an excellent addition to the Hidden Series and my favourite book thus far in the series. I loved the way the book picks up from the timeframe of Hidden Truth & Secrets, reconnecting and continuing to evolve the story, characters...and relationships! It is exciting to see the mystery start to unfold."

"My favourite so far!"

"I was so excited for the release of Hidden Betrayal, and it didn't disappoint! Cora Janzen pulled me in instantly with action, adventure and a little romance too! I can't wait for future books to learn about Severyn and her team's next mission!!"

"The stakes have been raised! This book caught me up in the story and kept me hooked right to the end. I love how it picks up where Hidden Truth & Secrets left off however it weaves in the plot from the prequel Hidden Carnage. Both the previous books help set this one up to continue gripping reader's attention!"

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