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 "Hidden" Series

The Hidden series is about Severyn Andrews (aka Ryn); a young woman believed to be dead and her journey to remove the threat that lies over her family. 


It is her journey through anguish, guilt and regret to strength, resiliency and hope while keeping her truth and secrets safe.


Dealing with the carnage, along the way she learns and grows with training and help from friends she meets.


She will stop at nothing to accomplish her mission and to deal with the betrayal that is coming her way.


Will do whatever it takes to seize control of her fate and to seek absolution.

The current works in progress (WIP) include:

     Hidden Truth & Secrets (Hidden, #1) - available now

     Hidden Carnage (Prequel to the Hidden Series) - available now

     Hidden Betrayal (Hidden, #2) - available now

     Hidden Absolution (Hidden, #3) - available now

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