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For Severyn Andrews, her life started when fate, two minds filled with ingenuity, and a huge stroke of luck intervened to prevent her demise.  


Raya Aspen perished, but from the carnage of that act, Severyn Andrews was born. Born to hide her truth and secrets, and rebuild herself to do what she must do. 


Her mission is not to hide and survive. Instead, she’ll do whatever it takes to become who she needs to be to find her unknown enemy and remove the threat to those she loves.


It’s not a matter of choice. 


It’s a matter of survival. And unrelenting determination to become the hero of her own journey rather than a victim of circumstance.


But the road she is on leads to dark places, and all roads have consequences. Which leaves Severyn to wonder, who she will be at the end?

Hidden Carnage is a 3-part prequel to the Hidden series. It offers readers a deeper look into how a vulnerable, innocent girl transformed into a competent operative to walk in a world of unknown enemies, hidden agendas, secret identities, and risk.

For the best reading experience, Cora suggests reading this book right after Hidden Truth & Secrets and before continuing with Hidden Betrayal.

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What Readers Are Saying


"Cora Janzen gives us a thrill ride of a new novel complete with a mystery-filled plot of covert ops and deception, which will have you turning the pages as fast as you can." ~ Cara Lockwood, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I should start by saying that I was proofreader for Harlequin for a year, so I have read many romances and spy novels and yours is one of the best that I've read. I really enjoyed your character development, not just of the main characters, but also the secondary ones. Also, your description of location was detailed enough to paint a picture without being overly wordy. I also enjoy that the relationship development is building slowly and realistically. I like the James Bond-ness of the whole thing as well." 

"Highly recommend! Janzen has a way with words that made you feel more connected to Ryn and how her past life will really come to life in the future books in the series. I’m excited to see what Janzen does as an author in the future!
Highly recommend this series to any one who loves a good action/mystery genre that has a powerful and independent female protagonist!"

"Another good series! I liked learning about the backstory to the first book. Severyn is a likable, hardworking heroine, and there is always an element of the unexpected in her story!"

"Great story: I really enjoyed both books in this series. I'm invested in the outcome. I hope the next book comes sooner rather than later."


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