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The basic, bare-bones

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I recently read a piece on character creation and the basic, bare-bones questions about them. I thought it would be neat to share this about the main character, Severyn (aka Ryn) Andrews from my Hidden series.

What would completely break your character? Someone dying because of her. Ryn would gladly give her life to protect others, especially those she loves, but if the tables were turned, this would devastate her.

What is your character reluctant to tell people? Ummm…everything. She is not overly emotionally expressive to begin with and she carries her baggage as if it is hers to carry alone (however she does get better at this so there is hope that she isn’t forever emotionally guarded). Couple this with the burden of her secrets and the truth she fights to keep hidden, Ryn is pretty much the opposite of an open-book.

What are your character’s major flaws? Her lack of trust…but wait, this isn’t completely true…it is her fear of trusting that is really her flaw. Her stubbornness of doing things on her own and trying to keep others safe while she completely disregards her own safety is another one.

What is your character afraid of? Her loved ones dying is numero uno but right there as the close 2nd is her fear that those she cares about will not forgive her. Her guilt and regret has twisted into feelings of shame and this is truly the driving force behind this fear.

What does your character pretend or try to care about? Fashion. But she really does not go out of her way to pretend or try too hard to care about this.

How does your character feel about sex? She doesn’t give it too much thought (until a specific individual enters her life) and it is not a driving-all-consuming-driving-force in her life. She is not a virgin however she is not overly experienced either.

Does your character make friends easily? Not very. Growing up she was happy to spend time alone or with her close friend Vlad – she was never into large groups or the girls she grew up with or the drama that trailed around with them. Ryn is very much about quality, not quantity. In Hidden Truth & Secrets (Hidden, #1) there are two individuals – Maari Luo and Lok Bello – who have become good friends regardless of her being guarded and non-sharing.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about Ryn!

Hidden Truth & Secrets (Hidden, #1) is coming in early 2020 with Hidden Carnage (Hidden, #2) soon to follow.

In the meantime, watch my website for The Hidden Dossier as well as the first 3 chapters of Hidden Truth & Secrets that will be made available in the very near future!

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