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Two years in the making, more than 25 years in my head

When I decided on this journey in November 2017, I never in my wildest dreams, envisioned the kind of support and LOVE that would come my way. Yet, all along the process, family, friends and people I do not know, have been incredible cheerleaders. And when I (finally) reached the point of being ready to launch this baby into the world, the response I have received has been astounding.

This is a story that has lived in my mind for many, many years. Once I realized it was a story - a book <insert gasp> - it then took a few more years of denial, disbelief and doubt that I actually could write and publish it. To get to this point, I feel a small piece of a miracle has played into it, however it could not have been done without the support of my husband and children who believed, honoured and supported the process.

I am blessed beyond measure and grateful for you too. Those who have stood with me, behind me to push me forward, and in front of me to pull me along (yes Jennifer, my #booksherpa, you are the leader of this group!).

I am so excited to reveal Severyn (aka Ryn) and her journey in March 2020!

Thank you for following along.

You are incredible <3

Hidden Truth & Secrets (Hidden, #1)

She was leading a double life. An increasingly public double life. Severyn Andrews is hiding in plain sight but must remain hidden. Must keep the truth of who she truly is hidden. Must keep her secrets hidden. At all costs.

All, but a few, believe her to be dead. It is not out of spite or cruelty. It is out of necessity to keep those she loves safe.

An olive branch is offered to her to help her find her would-be murderers but should she accept it? Does she trust these three men who have come to help her? Does she trust their team leader, Taggert Hale, as he pushes in on her? Threatening to tear down the walls she has put up to protect herself. Her secrets. Her family.

Some say the truth will set you free. In her case, it will kill the ones she loves.

She must keep her secrets hidden. At all costs.

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