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Comin' back tenfold

When I first told my kids that I was writing a book, I wasn't sure what to expect as their reaction. My teenage boy showed a surprising amount of interest and encouragement and even has contributed to some character development. I sat down beside him one night and said I was stuck on this new character I hadn't planned for but who had found a place in the story. He immediately came up with a name and the start of a back story. Love. It.

The first time my twelve year old daughter found out about what I was embarking on, she stopped and paused. Her eyes lit up and she looked at me with what I can only describe as wonder in her eyes and said, "You are writing a book? Mom, that is amazing!" That look. Those words. The last bit of doubt and fear of failure that had been holding me back shifted away. Shifted away and made space for excitement, inspiration and courage.

And recently, I found my daughter working in the writing space I've started to set up and discovered that she too had started writing a story. My heart leapt and I was humbled by this discovery. Not because, she too was discovering a love of creating stories, but because I hope that I inspired her as well as my son, to pull on threads of things that interest them and to have courage to act on them. Even if those things aren't something that everyone else does.

Over these past months, my two children and husband continue to motivate and support me. It might be as simple as my son being willing to immediately give up the laptop so I can work on my draft for a bit or them popping in to see what I am currently working, or honoring me the space and time to carve out some daily work on my draft. Or it can be as big as my husband surprising me and insisting that I go last minute to a retreat in British Columbia for 5 days to give uninterrupted and dedicated time to my process.

I voiced my desire and intention aloud and have been so very blessed in return. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rod, Gunnar and Ava.

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