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What's in a song?

Music is a regular presence in what I do in my day to day. Whether it is driving, exercising, cooking but, especially when I am writing. It is pretty rare that you will find me without music while I am pecking away or hammering like mad trying to get the words out of my head onto the page.

I am in no way musically inclined at making music. And once the volume is down, my lyrical abilities will make your eyes water and ears scratch. But I do love listening to the talents of others that can create, produce and elicit wondrous noises strung together to make a good beat.

I find it easy to connect emotionally to music (although I don’t cry during the national anthem…I won’t mention which one of my sisters does that though :)) and many a scene or string of details have been inspired in my story through songs. I thought I would list a few songs that have provided me ideas for snippets of events, dialogue, plot direction, or sometimes even whole sets of scenes:

· Maximal Crazy ~ Tiesto

· Pizza ~ Martin Garrix

· My Immortal ~ Evanescence

· Clarity ~ Zedd

· Crystallize ~ Lindsey Stirling

· Faded ~ Alan Walker

· Walls ~ Tiesto (feat. Quilla)

· Sorry ~ Kensington

· Nobody Owns Me ~ Belinda Carlisle (yaaaaayyyy Belinda!)

· Million Reasons ~ Lady Gaga

· The Sound of Silence (I almost typed Music) ~ Disturbed

· Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck ~ Kip Moore

I’ve always been curious to the effect that music has on me. It is not that it only helps to fill the silence and pass the time during some mundane task. But it feeds my creativity. Maybe it helps me let go of control of my thoughts? Allows realism and practicality to be held at bay so that creativity can be allowed to take root and blossom? Either way, it seems to work for me and is something I love. Maybe it’s weird but I guess we all gotta find what work for us.

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